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Proposing energy-saving and eco-friendly productsPromoting global environmental conservation as a priority in our corporate activities As a general trading company in electronics, we are continuously implementing activities related to saving energy, we offer eco-friendly products and are enthusiastically involved in environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Stance

Sansho Shoji positions the conservation of the global environment as one of the important challenges of our business and, as one of the steps to addressing this issue, we are acquiring certification under the ISO14001 international standard for all our group companies. In our future business activities as well, we will continue to focus our efforts towards energy-saving activities, providing “eco-friendly products”, and being seriously involved in environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Activities

As a trading company in electronics-related products, Sansho Shoji Co., Ltd. positions the creation of added value along with global environmental conservation as high-priority issues placed on us by society, and we aim at being a corporate group that tries to sincerely consider what needs to be accomplished and then implement that within the corporate activities that we undertake.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

Sansho Shoji recognizes that the protection of the global environment is an important issue for humankind and takes measures for continually improvement of environmental protection and prevention of pollution in our various business activities.

Action Guidelines

As a trading company of electronics-related products, we carry out in good faith the Action Guidelines set below in order to realize the Basic Principle.

  • 1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations related to our business activities, as well as agreed requirements.
  • 2. Among the environmental aspects related to and delivered from our business activities, we will perform the following items as most significant environmental themes.
    1) We strive to provide environment-friendly products through our sales activities.
    2) We strive to increase the efficiency of energy usage.
    3) We strive to thoroughly conserve natural resources and recycle resources.
  • 3. We will continually improve our environmental management system through our business activities.
  • 4. We will provide education to our employees to ensure awareness of our basic principle and action guidelines.
  • 5. We will make our environmental policy known to our employees in writing and make the information public.

January 1,2017
Sansho Shoji Co., Ltd.
Shinji Takahashi, President

Environmental Products Developing environmental products in the 5 areas of “Energy Savings”, “Energy Creation”, “Recycling”, “Pollution Prevention”, “Clean Products”

Environmental Activities

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