Company Profile

Medium-term Vision "Challenge 20"

Medium-term Vision "Challenge 20"

In April 2016, we launched our medium-term management plan "Challenge 20".
The plan was introduced many opinions from our employees.
While pursuing re-form our consciousness through our in-house training etc., we repeatedly pursued the significance of the existence of SANSHO, and involved more employees rather than top down, we made the plan.
While we will continue to strive for stable and continuous growth and creation for each of SANSHO's mainstay businesses, "Automotive & Appliance", "Semiconductor & Electronics" and "Information and Communication, as well as various fields such as "Energy", "Medical and Care", "Food and Agriculture", "Beauty" and "ERP System" , we will "challenge" boldly to new fields as well.
In 2016, we celebrated the milestone of "75th anniversary of establishment" and "100th anniversary of foundation".
With this as momentum, we will be reborn into a "muscular company" in terms of both managerial and business in five years in order to continue to live powerfully in the future.

Corporate Philosophy

We create various values to pursue everlasting happiness for society and ourselves.

  • 1.We provide unique ideas exceeding our customers'expectations by applying SANSHO's own network.
  • 2.We pay careful attention to global environments and realize a sustainable society.
  • 3.We do challenge on our own initiative to materialize our dreams.


Continue to challenge new things without being constrained by the existing notions, but with a sprit of "Creative Destruction"!

Optimize a synergy effect by combined the comprehensive strength of SANSHO group with effective utilization of our overseas branch network and our industry network!

As part of our solution sales, we cultivate manufacturers to satisfy the needs and users and develop our business pillar!