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Electric parts

Magnet wire

Magnet wire (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is widely adopted as a key material in such applications as the drive motor in hybrid vehicles, for which demand has been rapidly expanding, other automotive electrical components, industrial motors, telecommunications equipment, and electrical household appliances.


There are various types (materials and manufacturing methods) of hard magnets as well as an assortment of magnetic characteristics. We offer magnets that fit the specific usage, such as the strongest sintered neodymium magnets in high output motors, sintered ferrite magnets for small motors, rare earth bonded magnets, and, in terms of complex shapes and multi-pole magnetization, plastic magnets.

High-Performance Soft Magnetic alloys

This is soft magnetic material from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. with high electrical resistance and high magnetic characteristics and a principal ingredient of iron powder based on powder metallurgy. This high-performance material responds to the demands for miniaturization and high performance--especially in solenoid valve motors used in the high frequency range--that originate in the shift from mechanical to electronic control that is accelerating in various fields in recent years.

Superconducting wire

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. began research into high-Tc superconductors in 1986, they consider bismuth superconducting material to be an especially prime candidate for practical use, and they have worked on turning it into wire as well as on applied product development. Through material and system technology cultivated to-date, they are playing a leading role in superconducting technology that will open new frontiers.

Motor for Automobile Use

Starting with power steering and power windows, it's no exaggeration to say that automobiles are "a mass of motors". Along with offering the general-purpose motors used in electric pumps and electric tilt steering, etc., from both domestic and overseas manufacturers, we are able to comply with requests for the production of custom specification motors.

Electoric contact

We make alloys by combining metals such as tungsten and nickel with other metals of excellent electric conductivity, such as silver and copper, etc., in order to offer ELCON® electric contacts whose electrical characteristics, such as wear- and abrasion-resistance and arc-resistance, have been maximized for broad use from electric power to home electronics and appliances.

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