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Device & Substrate Wiring Material

Electric wire

We supply the ecological IRRAX® series irradiated-insulation wires from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. for use inside of electronic devices. With environmental conservation taken into consideration, these products also display superior heat, wear, abrasion and flame resistance and contain no halogen or lead compounds. Extra-fine coaxial cables suitable for wiring in hinge units of laptop computers and cell phones are available as well.

Flat wire

As wiring material for use inside of electronic devices, where more compact, lightweight and multi-functional needs are increasing, we supply ultra-thin but highly-reliable SUMICARD® (Sumitomo Electric Industries) in addition to eco-friendly wire.

TAB-LEAD for specially designed for the Li-ion(polymer)battery

TAB-LEAD (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is lead wire for film-type lithium-ion batteries covered with an aluminum laminate film. Heat deformation is controlled with a double-layered (adhesion and heat-resistant) structure, while the film unites strong adhesion to the conductor with the prevention of electrical shorts. Excellent electrolyte heat-resistant is also maintained through surface treatment of the conductor.

Flexible print circuit

FPC (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is manufactured by forming a copper foil circuit on an ultra-thin insulator film, thus assists in downsizing and weight savings in electronic devices such as hard disc drives, optical pickups and cell phones.


SUMITUBE® (Sumitomo Electric Industries) includes a range of heat-shrinkable plastics tubing that is reduced in size in the radial direction through electron beam irradiation and heating in order to protect the insulation in electrical components and to prevent the corrosion of pipes.

Eco Wire

This eco-conscious wiring from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is for use in electronic equipment and automotive applications. IRRAX LF wire is free of lead compounds while IRRAX HF contains no lead or halogen. Both are UL- and CSA-compliant. (Note: Some specific products are only UL certified. Contact us in regard to the desired product).

AL/PET tape・CU/PET tape(Laminated tape)

Alpet and CopperPet tape (Daido Kako) is produced by laminating PET film with aluminum or copper foil, etc., and is in wide use in communications cables, TV coaxial cables, and electronic device wiring as an electromagnetic shielding material. With a composition of 10- to 50-micron aluminum foil in relation to 12- to 75-micron PET film, and 8- to 35-micron copper foil for 12- to 38-micron PET film, both can be combined together and adhesive processing is available for both as well.

Wiring Harnesses for Automobile

These wire harnesses (Sumitomo Wiring Systems) electrically connect the electronic component and electrical devices installed in automobiles, and play the role of relaying mutually transmitted information and electric power. These important parts can be compared to the nerves and blood vessels in a human being, and they serve as the foundation of the car and its equipment.

Connectors for Automobile

These connectors (Sumitomo Wiring Systems) are the parts that connect harnesses to each other and to electrical components. They are available in many types and variations depending on their purpose, function, shape, and number of pins, etc., and it is also possible to meet specific needs, such as reduced size, lower insertion force, prevention of incomplete insertion, and easier assembly, etc.

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