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Manufacturing Equipments

Magnetizing Equipments

In the magnetization and demagnetization of ferromagnetic material, both a magnetizing and demagnetizing power source as well as a yoke and coil that are appropriate to the desired direction of magnetization and demagnetization are required. We offer devices from OP Denshi Kogyo that are appropriate for each customer's work content (magnetic circuit) and application.

Winding Machine for coil

Taga Co., Ltd. is a long-established manufacturer of equipment that produces wound coils (coil winders). They provide a range of products from semi-automatic table-top units to systems that integrate the process from the insertion of the workpiece to the ejection of the final product. Various automated devices using multi-axis NC machining, motors for use in HEVs and EVs, and coil winders for various electrical equipment, etc., are available as well.

LED Manufacturing & Testing Equipments

Chang-Yu Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer that specializes in LED-related industrial equipment. We supply various types of their LED manufacturing and testing equipment, such as automated lamp LED sorting machines. We are also able to develop custom-made equipment in accordance with customer needs and offer excellent after-sale service.

Advanced performance punching machine for punching fine holes on ceramic green sheets

This is a puncher made by Howa Machinery Ltd. that opens microholes in ceramic green sheets. It achieves a high hit rate of "30 holes/sec" using a piezoelectric actuator drive as well as high speed and high accuracy with a linear servo.

LED type UV Curing Systems

A top-hat type profile, at the industry's highest level of aØ12 spot diameter and an average luminance of 600 mW/cm2, is achieved through originally-developed optronics technology from Kantum Electronics Co., Ltd. Never before available, uniform and rapid adhesive hardening over a wide surface area is also possible. The spot shape can also be designed to correspond to various usages, such as with round and wide-ranging quadrangular types.

Si ingot Grower

This machine manufactures 6- to 8-inch silicon ingots. It features an inexpensive and easy-to-use design and is adopted by major corporations.

Si ingot&wafer Inspection System

Wafer inspection device: Inspects Si wafer accurately and at high speed (max. 3,600 pcs/hr). Defect and parameter settings are also possible, and its compact design facilitates system expansion.
Ingot inspection device: Scans inside Si ingots to locate defects as small as 100 ?m. Inspection time is 4 to 20 sec/ingot, and the results of analysis are displayed as 3D images that include a measurement gauge.

Full line-up of Solar Module Manufacturing Equipment

We handle all types of solar battery modular manufacturing equipment and can also provide high-quality, inexpensive equipment, such as cell testers, cell transport devices, vacuum laminators, aluminum frame mounting devices, and module testers.

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