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Mechanical parts


Because LUBRITE® (Sumitomo Electric Industries) minimizes the need for machining thanks to powder metallurgy metal molding, complex-shaped components can be supplied at a low price. These parts are suitable as mechanical components in engines, transmissions, and drive systems.


When using the fine-blanking method to mass-produce mechanical components at a low price, product quality is highly dependent upon the design and production of the mold and the settings and operation of the manufacturing press machine. Mitsui Miike Machinery is involved in the joint development of various automotive mechanical parts from the design stage, such as gears, sprockets, valve seats, and flanges.

Metal Shaft

We have accumulated processing technology that takes various items into consideration, from the selection of the machine to details like the manufacture of jigs, cutting conditions, the shape of the bite tip, and even the type of cutting oil, making diverse processing possible using a CNC compound lathe, roto-flow rolling machine, milling machine, or centerless grinder, etc.

Molded resin component

"Super Engineering Plastics" are products that excel in performance, precision, strength and heat resistance as a plastic component to can be used in place of metal. We offer PEEK, ULTEM and other materials.

High strength and high elasticity resin materials and component

Independently developed by Cluster Technology Co., Ltd., Epohard® epoxy resin composite material for insulation, Epocluster® composite material for thermosetting epoxy injection molding, and Epocluster T® composite material for thermosetting ultra-fine plastic molding all possess excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics, formability and dimensional stability. The strength and elasticity of Epocluster® in particular are as high as those of super engineering plastics, and can be supplied at that same price level.

DLC(Diamond Like Carbon) coating

With their surface modification technology, generically known as "ceramic coating", Nippon-ITF Inc. has developed multi-functioning materials that add the properties of ceramics to the characteristics of the base material. We offer various coatings, such as FDLC/TiN/CrN, as well as DLC that features a structure close to that of diamonds, in order to contribute to the environment in all aspects of the industrial world.

Porous Metal "CELMET″

Celmet (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is a new nickel-based porous metal with a frame that boasts a three-dimensional network structure like a sponge and a maximum porosity of 98%. This feature is maximized to enable use as an electrode material in rechargeable batteries for low-emission hybrid vehicles, and in contributing to environmental measures. Worldwide attention in each industrial field is focusing on its use as a deodorizer catalyst carrier and in reusable oil filters, etc.

Super hard alloy Tools

These cutting tools, such as throwaway chips, turning holders, milling cutters and endmills, are from the Igetalloy® line-up from Sumitomo Electric Tool Net. Various wear- and abrasion-resistant components that take advantage of the characteristics of super-hard alloys are available as well.

Recycle system for Super hard alloy

Super-hard alloys use rare metals like tungsten as a raw material, and, in Japan, most are dependant on import. From the point of view of securing a stable supply of resources and the effective use of scarce resources, Sumitomo Electric Tool Net collects super-hard alloy scrap based on advanced recycling technology.

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