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LED Manufacturing & Testing Equipments

Chang-Yu Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer that specializes in LED-related industrial equipment. We supply various types of their LED manufacturing and testing equipment, such as automated lamp LED sorting machines. We are also able to develop custom-made equipment in accordance with customer needs and offer excellent after-sale service.

Advanced performance punching machine for punching fine holes on ceramic green sheets

This is a puncher made by Howa Machinery Ltd. that opens microholes in ceramic green sheets. It achieves a high hit rate of "30 holes/sec" using a piezoelectric actuator drive as well as high speed and high accuracy with a linear servo.

LED type UV Curing Systems

A top-hat type profile, at the industry's highest level of aØ12 spot diameter and an average luminance of 600 mW/cm2, is achieved through originally-developed optronics technology from Kantum Electronics Co., Ltd. Never before available, uniform and rapid adhesive hardening over a wide surface area is also possible. The spot shape can also be designed to correspond to various usages, such as with round and wide-ranging quadrangular types.

Si ingot Grower

This machine manufactures 6- to 8-inch silicon ingots. It features an inexpensive and easy-to-use design and is adopted by major corporations.

Si ingot&wafer Inspection System

Wafer inspection device: Inspects Si wafer accurately and at high speed (max. 3,600 pcs/hr). Defect and parameter settings are also possible, and its compact design facilitates system expansion.
Ingot inspection device: Scans inside Si ingots to locate defects as small as 100 ?m. Inspection time is 4 to 20 sec/ingot, and the results of analysis are displayed as 3D images that include a measurement gauge.

Full line-up of Solar Module Manufacturing Equipment

We handle all types of solar battery modular manufacturing equipment and can also provide high-quality, inexpensive equipment, such as cell testers, cell transport devices, vacuum laminators, aluminum frame mounting devices, and module testers.

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