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Electronic components

LID material・Clad material

HITACHI METALS,Ltd offers clad material that contributes to improved characteristics for semiconductor devices, PCs and DVDs, like smaller size, higher performance, higher speed, and higher cooling capability. They also provide various types of processing materials (lead pins for MPU and copper-core solder balls) with high capacity and high quality achieved through highly accurate processing technology, and lid material for use in ceramic package seals for crystal devices.

EVA Sheet

EVA film displays excellent adhesion, durability, crosslinking rate, optical permeability, and contraction ratio. The embossed surface prevents them from sticking together and makes for easy handling without the need for interleafing.

Seal Tape(PE form Adhesive Tape)

This adhesive tape for aluminum frames and junction boxes does not need to be hardened like conventional sealant, making handling easy and contributing to reducing the cost of module production.

Leadframe・Molded plastic packaging

We offer high-precision lead frames and lead frames for resin molding as discrete parts for the LED and other products that support this age of electronics.

Evaporated aluminum reflector

These reflectors (Kansai Pipe Industries) display high dimensional accuracy and a high-aspect ratio through the use of vapor deposition equipment, masking technology, and high-speed film forming rates that deliver high purity aluminum with excellent reflectivity. Vapor deposition is also possible with a variety of materials such as ceramics, glass, metals, and resin.

Aluminum reflector for high brightness LED

Reflectors from Ohnuki Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd. are made of aluminum alloy with a reflectivity of more than 90%. Normally difficult matrix types can also be achieved through pressing.

Constant voltage and Constant current power supply

We handle a wide-ranging lineup of constant-current and constant-voltage power supply devices of between a few and hundreds of watts specifically for LEDs, and can answer various requests for PSE-compliant and waterproof products, as well as acquisition of PSE certification for custom products, etc.

Piezoelectric products

From a variety of materials to single-layer or multi-layer products, we can deliver the piezoelectric ceramic product that is appropriate for most any piezoelectric device, and can also handle small-volume test sales.

Surface Finishing・Alloy Plating

SUN-KK Corporation's surface treatment is used in a wide range of fields, such as hard disc drives, automobiles, and electronic parts. Recently, they have also begun to offer alloy plating such as electroless Ni plating containing Teflon for its excellent non-stick properties, Zn-Ni plating and tin plating and they can mass-produce any of these items.

Metal etching parts

Precise processing of previously problematic thin sheets is now possible without distortion, hardening, flashes or burrs, etc. Neither expensive tools nor metal molds are needed and delivery is fast, making these products suitable for use in R&D prototypes.

Mount processing placement jigs

These mount positioning jigs (Kawata Corporation) are a necessity for mounting thin and flexible printed circuit boards as they enable an integrated line composition from printing to mounting and reflow, thus increasing working efficiency and contributing to the prevention of defects.


High thermal radiating, flexible substrates for LED lighting (Sumitomo Electric Industries) include flexible printed wiring board and LED mounted modules with excellent cooling properties, they are bendable, and enable three-dimensional light distribution. The use of high-flexibility material and adhesion technology reduces the stress between the LED and the substrate, helps prevent solder cracks, and makes these products highly reliable. They also display high reflectivity and weather resistance through the application of white coverlay film.

Resin dissolving agent for epoxy, urethane, silicon

"Resin dissolving agent for epoxy, urethane, silicon" (Kaneko Chemical) is a solvent that breaks down and dissolves thermal-hardened resin such as urethane, epoxy and silicon at room temperatures. It displays strong dissolving strength and is non-flammable, making it is easy to handle, and, with minimal toxicity, is an environmentally friendly solvent.

Recycling of Rare metals

In today's society, a large amount of rechargeable batteries and home appliances, etc., that contain rare metals are often disposed of with the garbage. We employ our own unique technology to collect and recycle mainly nickel and lithium from the waste generated by the manufacturing process of making rechargeable nickel-metal hydride and lithium batteries, as well as from used rechargeable batteries.

Aluminum Outer cases for Lithium-ion battery・Capacitor

Aluminum Outer cases made by FUJI EXCEED.CO.,LTD. are mainly used for exterior case of
Lithium-ion battery and Capacitor in hybrid vehicles,electric vehicles.

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