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Sansho Shoji’s involvement towards expanding
the use of rechargeable battery-related products

The rechargeable battery market is expected to expand more and more in the future as their application grows in a diversity of fields, such as automotive and digital consumer electronics and appliances. Sansho Shoji is aggressively advancing our handling of products related to the environment, we are developing various materials related to the clean energy source that rechargeable batteries present, and we offer solutions for the various processes related to rechargeable batteries, from raw materials through to the finished product.

Raw materials
  • Positive electrode materials
  • Negative electrode materials
  • Electrolyte
Electrode processing
  • Positive plate
  • Negative plate
  • Separator
Process for insertion into battery casing
  • Metal jacket(Al Case,Fe Case,Laminated film)
  • Grooving
Immersion process
  • Electrolyte Injecting
  • Gas release vent
  • Negative terminal
  • Positive tab
  • Negative tab
Recharging and sealing process
  • Sealing  plate
  • Insulation tube
  • TAB-LEAD for the Li-ion(polymer)battery
  • Charge and Discharge Inspection
  • Aging
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