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Sansho Shoji’s involvement towards expanding the use of LED-related products

LEDs are attracting attention for their ability to save energy and their deployment is rapidly advancing, but there are technical issues with lighting efficiency as well as other problems like pricing that need to be overcome. Sansho Shoji is aggressively advancing our handling of products related to the environment, and we are expanding our lineup of LED-related products. Through our wide-ranging activities in the field of electronics, we offer solutions for the various processes related to LEDs, from raw materials through to the finished product.

Pre-processing (Wafer processing & chips)

Chemical compound Semiconductor

LED Chips

Automated LED sorting machine

Post-processing (Device assembly)

Au wire

Molded plastic packaging

Aluminum reflector for high brightness LED

Aluminum Heatsink

heat releasing resin materials

LED Manufacturing & Testing Equipments

Modules & peripheral parts


Aluminum Nitride Ceramics(ALN)

Constant voltage and Constant current power supply

Thermal Conductive Materials

Finished products

LED Lamp for indirect lighting

LED Lamp

LED Device module

Product information

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